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Upgrade or Renew Your HH Get $99 of Team Gear!

INDIANA -- Just in time for the open jobs season! If you subscribe, upgrade, or renew an annual subscription to HickoryHusker.com before July 1, you qualify for $99(!) worth of Rivals Team shop gear!!!
Get the latest job news, access the newest additions to the HH Book of Indiana High School Basketball Records, and hang out on the message boards with the finest basketball community in the Hoosier State.
Annual subscription normally runs $99.95. Now renew and get $99 worth of Rival Fan Shop gear!!!
Not a subscriber? Now is the perfect time to sign up for the "Annual" subscription!
From June 18 - July 1, any user who signs up for a new "Annual" and enter the promo code GetGear99 will receive a $99 digital gift certificate code to the Rivals Fan Shop.
The digital gift certificate codes will be sent to the email address associated with your Rivals.com account within 7 days after you are billed $99.95 and following the completion of any available free trials.
Already an "Annual" subscriber?
You can take advantage this month as well. Just call 1-866-2-RIVALS, mention that you would like to add 12 more months to your subscription for $99.95. Your digital gift certificate code will be sent to the email address associated with your Rivals.com account within 7 days.
Already a "Monthly" subscriber?
If you are currently a monthly subscriber to a Rivals.com site, you too can also take advantage of GetGear99.. Simply call 1-866-2-RIVALS, mention that you want to upgrade your account to the "Annual" subscription rate of $99.95. Your digital gift certificate code will be sent to the email address associated with your Rivals.com account within 7 days.
Any questions regarding GetGear99 not covered up above or below in our FAQ should be sent to GetGear99@yahoo-inc.com
IMPORTANT: This promotion will run until July 1, but we will experience high call volumes towards the end of the month. In preparation for that, please DO NOT WAIT to sign up as there will be ZERO exceptions for users that can't take advantage due to high call volume.
Q: Where do I enter the promo code GetGear99 on the sign-up page?
The field that is labeled "Gift Certificates or Promotional Codes" is where you will enter GetGear99. You click "Validate" to test that you entered it correctly.
The blue arrow points to the location of the proper field in the screenshot below.
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Q: It's been seven days and I haven't received my gift certificate code, how do I check the status of it being delivered?
The digital gift certificate code will be sent to you following any free trials you may have had available and you are billed $99.95 for the "Annual" subscription. Within seven days of being billed, you should have received your gift certificate code.
Check your junk/spam messages for an email from talman@yahoo-inc.com to ensure that it's not there. Also you can verify which email address is associated with your account by going to the MEMBER SERVICES page. Simply log in with your correct password and you can view the current email address and make any necessary changes.
If you changed addresses after signing up, please email getgear@yahoo-inc.com to inform us of the change.
Q: If I'm already a subscriber, do I have to call 1-866-2-RIVALS or can I just sign up online?
Do NOT sign up or upgrade online if you are already a current subscriber. You must call 1-866-2-RIVALS and let them know you would like to upgrade or renew the annual subscription early. This will prevent any possible duplicate subscriptions that could be created by trying to take advantage of this promotion online with an existing active account.
Q: Does the digital gift certificate code have an expiration date?
No, there is no expiration date on the digital gift certificate code. Use it on whatever and whenever you like.
Q: What if I just renewed as an annual subscriber, can I still add 12 more months to my account and take advantage of GetGear99?
Yes. No matter when your account auto-renewed, you can still call 1-866-2-RIVALS and add 12 months for $99.95 which will be added to the remaining months already on your account and you will receive the $99 digital gift certificate code via email.
Q: But, I signed up recently for an annual subscription and just missed the promo by a week/month, can I get the gift certificate code?
Yes, but you must add 12 additional months for $99.95 to be eligible. No exceptions will be made for recent auto-renewals or sign-ups.
Q: I forgot to enter the promo code when I signed up for the annual subscription. Am I still eligible for the digital gift certificate code?
Yes, as long as the sign-up took place between June 18 and July 1. If it did, just email getgear@yahoo-inc.com with your username and state that you signed up but did not enter promo code "GetGear99."
Q: What type of "gear" can I get at the Rivals Fan Shop? Can we pick anything to use the $99 digital gift certificate on?
Yes. You are free to choose whatever you'd like at the Rivals Fan Shop with your $99 digital gift certificate.